I am currently a freelance writer and editor living in Brooklyn, NY. Following my Ph.D. in art history, I began writing and editing both for clients and on own projects.  Her blog, Post-Ph.D. is dedicated to advocating for the reform of higher education and the rights of the precarious workers that make higher education function. 

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business writing

I help clients develop their company's identity through compelling and well-written stories, white papers, and case-studies. I have ten years of qualitative and mixed-methods research, where I have produced content for a wide-range of audiences. I am also a published author of peer-reviewed essays, interviews, and reviews. My speciality is identifying and communicating how social and cultural trends impact your business. In all of my writing projects, I develop a theoretically informed and evidence-based strategy in order to capitalize on and captivate your business' target audience.  If you are interested in discussing hiring me for business writing or to see my portfolio, get in touch!

academic editing

I edit for content, argument, or general proof-reading journal articles, dissertations, and course papers. I have experience editing and developing argumentation for both STEM as well as Humanities-based disciplines. If you are in need of writing help for your academic projects, get in touch and I can provide a quote.


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