About Allison Harbin

Allison Harbin is a freelance writer & editor based in Brooklyn. She holds a PhD in Art History, where she studied global feminism and contemporary female artists from India, Pakistan, and the Caribbean. 

How Post-PhD Started:

When I left academia, I wanted to create a free resource of advice, information, and resources for graduate students, academics, and especially, PhDs who left academia.  I decided to share my story of why I left, it immediately went viral with over 150,000 hits. 

This blog is now a collection of both other scholars' stories, examinations of how the corporate structure of higher education is ruining education itself, graduate student rights, adjunct rights, and the process of leaving academia. If you have a story to tell, or want to collaborate, get in touch and if I'm not the right fit, I'll point you to someone who is.

I believe in the power education and the tremendous importance of higher education. We have to collectively unite against current trends and funding re-directions.