Allison Harbin holds a PhD in Art History, and is currently a freelance writer and editor living in Brooklyn.

She is currently working on her first book project about the fate of higher education, the importance of the humanities, and what to do about toxic workplace culture.

About Post-PhD The Blog:

When I posted my own story of exploitation and gas-lighting at the hands of a professor on my dissertation committee, my blog went viral with 30,000 hits in under a week. The nearly immediate result was hundreds of emails from professors, adjuncts, current and former graduate students detailing their own experiences with what can best be described as an abuse of power.

As the emails poured in, I realized that I was obviously not the only one to have endured not only exploitation but the ruin of my academic career because I produced good work, that this issue was systemic. Utilizing my own interviews of my vast network of scholars and activists, as well as discussing the findings from an organizational behavioral science professor and his graduate student at Queens University in Ontario, Canada, pulled from my email exchanges in order to address the issue of advisor exploitation of graduate students, this book will be the first of its kind.

Since, I have continued to grow the blog, posting about leaving academia, what is really at work within this toxic culture, and grown my following. Simultaneously, I also began researching the WHY this issue was so systemic, the HOW it became expected. My research pointed to the narrowing of professor-track full time jobs, which created a culture of intense competition and back-stabbing.

If you have a story to share, want to get in touch about a collaboration or anything else, get in touch. I’m listening.

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