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Allison Harbin, PhD is a writing consultant and researcher who approaches her career as a freelance business writer and thought leader with the same critical thinking and nuance that allowed her to succeed as a scholar. She applies her training in the humanities and in art history to ensure that businesses and clients communicate effectively and persuasively. Allison earned her PhD in Art History from Rutgers University and her BA from the University of Virginia in Studio Art and Art History. 

Case Studies and White Papers

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What I can do for you:

  • Thought leadership: Not sure about the best way to highlight your company's strengths?  That's my job! I'll review all available data, research results methods, and how your company compares to the competition. My goal is to ensure your company stands out and rises above the competition.

  • Connect with your target audience: I'll handle the market research, SMEs (subject matter experts) and how to differentiate your company from the competition.  

  • Concept development: After speaking with you about your individual needs, the vision for your company, and available data on your business methods, outcome, and feedback I developed a compelling, easy to read 1,000 word article.

  • Project Management: I coordinate with everyone needed to finish the project, from graphic designers to getting legal department sign-offs, I ensure each step of the way to deliver you a polished final project. I can also refer you to a few graphic designers I have worked with in the past.


Content Writing

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Click on image to read Newsletter sample

  • Easy to read content: After assessing your company's target audience, I develop tone and language for websites and business articles in short, easy to read prose.

  • Pitching: Need to promote your business through published articles that your target audience reads? I offer content development, a compelling angle, and will pitch the article to the most suitable news outlet.

  • Email Drafts: Need an email template to send out to clients and perspective clients? I will develop an easy to use format for you that your employees will thank you for. 

  • Newsletters and Blogs: These are some of the best ways to generate content for your clients and perspective clients, and attract new business. I will develop a plan, outline, and subject matter in easy to read and short prose for quarterly, monthly, or weekly newsletters or business blogs. 

  • Web Copy: Make sure your website is user-friendly and easy to read when perspective clients look you up. 


Ghost Writing and Developmental Editing

I also offer ghost-writing for clients who want to publish articles, essays, journal entries, and books. I work closely with you to ensure that your vision and unique perspective stand out. If you are interested in inquiring into my prices, scope and ability, contact me.