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During my Ph.D., a former professor misappropriated my work and used it to get a generous grant and multiple publications. When I learned about what had happened, I tried to alert the appropriate authorities at my university. Rather than helping me, they encouraged me to drop it and told me my reputation would be ruined if I reported anything officially. During the defense of my dissertation, I was told I would not be awarded my doctorate until I removed the portion that had been stolen from me. Here is my story.

June 4th 2018

My latest post "Teaching Under Trump: One Adjunct's Story." is a guest post by a friend and queero (that's queer-hero to you lay people). His story is important. And the activist work he does is important. Check it out here

A survey that addresses graduate student exploitation is underway, thanks to Billy Bryan and Rebecca Jarvis!

In the process of coordinating an online group conversation, if you are interested in participating, get in contact with me.




I am incredibly privileged to have been able to fight back, to publish this blog, and to fight the frivolous defamation suit filed against me. I want to use that privilege to advocate for those who in similar circumstances who cannot fight back. If you have a story to tell, or need to learn more about how advocate for your rights as a graduate student, adjunct, VAP, or early professor, get in touch with me.

I believe in the power education and the tremendous importance of higher education. We have to collectively unite against current trends and funding re-directions. 

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