Not "either/or" but "and & and": On Being a Scholar and a Business Consultant

In this week's post, Jillian and I's interview turns to talk about applying for jobs post-academia, the struggles of being a PhD in the business space, as well as the invaluable insights a mind trained by a PhD rigor offers. 
I love this post because Jillian makes no apologies for her desire to make a comfortable living (and, gasp, even a 401k!) despite her hatred of capitalism. Yeah, they're conflicting objectives, but life itself cannot be reduced to simplistic binaries of either/or.  Similarly, the life Jillian has constructed for herself appears to be an "and, and" situation, where she pursues social issues that matter to her-- such as her forthcoming book about adjuncting and her social engagement class that she teaches, alongside a burgeoning career as a consultant in market research. 

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