This blog is about my decision to leave academia, offering a frank glimpse at the reality of tenure-track positions, the events surrounding my painful decision to leave academia following my Ph.D., and will feature interviews from those both within academia and those who have left, chronicling their experiences and opinions. 

Disclaimer: I in no way believe that my Ph.D. story is unique or special. Just the opposite: I know it happens all the time, often in even worse ways. My decision to leave Academia afforded me the privileged position to be able to speak out without fear of sacrificing my success. 

I have been unable to find a lawyer to take my case on Pro-Bono due to the complexity and length of the complaint filed against me. Which also means my case will be extraordinarily expensive to me personally.

I am being sued for defamation and conspiracy for telling my story. If this blog has helped you feel less alone or offered you guidance, please consider making a small donation (they add up) to my GoFundMe in order to pay for legal fees.


If you know a lawyer who is interested in taking on my case, please contact me. 

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